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Involute Gear Cutters
Involute Gear Cutters:

Involute Gear Cutters are supplied to cut any number of teeth in gears from 0.5 module to 50 module & 64 DP to 0.5 DP with maximum diameter of 360 mm. Conforming to BS 2518, IS 5698 in a set of numbers.

Chain sprocket hobs are manufactured from 1/4" pitch to 3" pitch conforming to DIN, BS & as standards in a set of 3 Cutters to cut any no. of teeth in sprockets.

Scalping and Cylindrical Cutters
Scalping and Cylindrical Cutters:

Scalping and Cylindrical Cutters are manufactured from 6" dia to 8" dia & length from 16" to 20" in light & heavy duty.These are used for scalping copper & brass strips. Material used is imported high speed steel in M2 & M35 grade.

Side and Face Cutters
Side and Face Cutters:

Side and Face Cutters are supplied from dia 50 mm to 300 mm & width from 5 mm to 50 mm. As per ISS & B85 in M2 & M35 material.Others products includes slitting saws angle cutters.

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