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Gear Hobs
Gear Hobs:

Gear Hobs Machine relieved & ground form Gear Hobs are manufactured in 'A','B','C' classes to cover the range from 0.1 to 40 module & 64 DP to 0.8 DP conforming to DIN 3968, BS 2062. Special Profile Hobs with Protuberance,Topping, Semi Topping, Pre Shaving, Pre Grinding & as per customer requirement are also supplied

Chain Sprocket Hobs
Chain Sprocket Hobs:

Chain Sprocket Hobs are usually supplied in un ground form to cut roller chain sprockets to DIN, American standards with the range from 1/4 " to 3" pitch or 5 mm to 76.2 mm pitch.

Multi start & ground from sprocket hobs can be had on request.

Spline Hobs
Spline Hobs:

Spline Hobs for straight sided splines involute & serrations are generally manufactured in machine relieved form. Worm Wheel hobs are supplied in bore & shank type, single & multi start ground form spline & worm wheel hobs can be had on request.

Inserted Blade Gear Hobs
Inserted Blade Gear Hobs:

Inserted Blade Gear Hobs are manufactured in the range 20 to 32 module having blades of HSS (M-2 or M-35) materials and body made of carbon steel. After introducing these hobs it has become the best import substitute to save money & time. Damaged Blades can also be replaced.

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